[My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان] – Final Part

While staying in Osaka, I’ve decided visiting Kobe and Awaji island. In Kobe, I’ve visited Kobe Mosque and saw the Kobe Port Tower. Kobe Mosque is the first mosque in Japan (1935) and it was built with a beautiful Turkish design.   More

My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان

          This is my first entry being posted from Japan! Not a first visit though. I’m in TOKYO now, my plan is to discover Japan beyond what’s mentioned on travel guidebooks/websites. More

Seto Bridge – 瀬戸大橋 – جسر سيتو

“The Seto-Ohashi Bridge, is a series of double deck bridges connecting Okayama and Kagawa prefectures in Japan across a series of five small islands in the Seto Inland Sea. Built over the period 1978–1988, it is one of the three routes of the Honshū-Shikoku Bridge Project connecting Honshū and Shikoku islands. At 13.1 km long, it ranks as the world’s longest two-tiered bridge system.
Crossing the bridge takes about 20 minutes by car or train. The ferry crossing before the bridge was built took about an hour. The non-discounted toll from Kojima, Kurashiki (Okayama Prefecture on the Honshū side) to Sakaide (Kagawa Prefecture on the Shikoku side) is ¥3,500, and vice-versa.” (Wikipedia)

Japan has many good bridges like the Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba in Tokyo and the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge connecting Kobe to Awaki Island, besides many other famous bridges around Japan. More

Mount Bizan – 眉山 – جبل بيزان

Mount Bizan (眉山, Bizan) is a mountain in Tokushima. Its name is formed of the kanji for eyebrow, and it is said to have earned this name because the mountain looks like an eyebrow from all views. Known as a symbol of Tokushima City, the name Mount Bizan appears in many school songs in the city district, such as the Tokushima Prefectural Jonan High School, Tokushima Municipal High School and many more. More

Tetsujin 28-gō – 鉄人28号 – رعد العملاق


              Tetsujin 28-gō, is a 1956 manga written and illustrated by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, who also created Giant Robo. The series centred on the adventures of a young boy named Shotaro Kaneda, who controlled a giant robot named Tetsujin 28, built by his late father. The manga was later adapted into four anime TV series, the first in 1963. It was the first Japanese series to feature a giant robot. The 1963 series was later released in America as Gigantor. More

Morioka, Japan.

Yesterday while watching NHK, I had the chance to watch a documentary program about Morioka City in Japan.  Morioka is the capital city of Iwate perfecture in Japan. It’s located on the north-east side of  HonshuMorioka has an estimated population of 300,740. The total area is 489.15 km2.  More

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