NEXTAGE Robot – 次世代産業用ロボット・ネクステージ – الجيل القادم من روبوتات المصانع


قامت شركة كاوادا اليابانية للصناعات بتطوير روبوتات يمكن إستخدامها في المصانع ذات الأعمال المتكررة، مثل تركيب أجزاء الأجهزة الإلكترونية الدقيقة أو المعدات الميكانيكية الصغيرة. تسمى تلك الروبوتات ب NEXTAGE.   More

القتال بكرات الثلج في مدينة نيغاتا في اليابان – Niigata International Snowball Fight – 魚沼市小出国際雪合戦


رغم قسوة هذا الشتاء ورغم غزارة الثلوج المتساقطة في اليابان في هذه السنة كان سكان مدينة نيغاتا في هونشو يستمتعون في وقتهم!

أقيم في مدينة نيغاتا اليابانية مسابقة للقتال في كرات الثلج. تتميز ميدنة نيغاتا في تلك الرياضة حول العالم حيث أنها تعتبر الأكثر إضحاكاًً ومتعة من بين المسابقات الأخرى التي تجرى في القتال بكرات الثلج في مناطق أخرى من العالم.     More

[My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان] – Final Part

While staying in Osaka, I’ve decided visiting Kobe and Awaji island. In Kobe, I’ve visited Kobe Mosque and saw the Kobe Port Tower. Kobe Mosque is the first mosque in Japan (1935) and it was built with a beautiful Turkish design.   More

[My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان] – Part 8

Moving from Nagoya to Osaka was a very special trip for me. Why? Back in 2003, I’ve watched a documentary on TV about Japan and that was before my first visit to Japan in Summer 2003. On that documentary, they’ve showed how convenient and enjoyable is riding a shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka and the shinkansen on the documentary was “のぞみ” (Hope – الأمل). In 2012, I’ve booked my ticket on “のぞみ” shinkansen toward Osaka!   More

[My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان] – Part 7


After spending a wonderful time in Tokyo and Yokohama I’ve moved to Nagoya on a Shinkansen. It was my first time visiting Nagoya. Once I’ve arrived, I’ve observed two main things about the people of Nagoya. First, they are more welcoming and friendly compared to Tokyo.   More

[My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان] – Part 6


       After spending sometime in Tokyo, I’ve moved to YOKOHAMA! It’s only 30 minutes away by train but I’ve decided to move there so I can go look around the area conveniently. In Yokohama, I’ve visited many great places, one of which is “Minato Mirai 21”. It’s an urban area in Yokohama and it’s  just off the Tokyo Bay. Since that I’ve already visited “Minato Mirari 21” in the afternoon in 2007, I’ve decided to visit it this time in the evening.   More

[My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان] – Part 5

Naka Tatsuya - Sensei

One day, while I was in Japan, a Japanese friend of mine invited me to join their Shotokan Karate class in one of the Secondary schools in Tokyo! I did accept the invitation as I have some experience in Shotokan Karate before when I was a student in the United States. Anyway, I didn’t have my Karate uniform with me “Karate gi” so I wore a sweat pant and a white T-shirt instead!!   More

[My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان] – Part 4


I made a stop at Akihabara ( Akihabara Electric Town). It’s a major city in TOKYO for electronics, video games, manga and anime. This time I didn’t stay long at Akihabara as I was mainly focusing on visiting places that I’ve never seen before in Tokyo.   More


[My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان] – Part 3

Shibuya is one of the major metropolitan cities in Tokyo. Two major things, if I do, I feel like I’m really in TOKYO. Seeing TOKYO TOWER and being in Shibuya! I’m not a big fan of Shibuya stores though and I rarely do shopping there but the surrounding buildings, the big screens, the neons, the crowd, the traffic lights, the pedestrians and Shibuya Station all makes me feel TOKYO!   More

[My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان] – Part 2

Finally, it’s my “Part II” post  about my latest trip to Japan!

Here I’m talking about Tokyo Sky Tree Tower “東京スカイツリ”! In my earlier entries I’ve already posted something about Tokyo Sky Tree Tower and about its establishment & the overall construction, but this time it’s different! I’ve experienced seeing  Tokyo Sky Tree Tower in real! YES I DID!! It’s off the Sumida river. More

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