[My Trip to Japan – 日本への私の旅 – رحلتي إلى اليابان] – Part 5

Naka Tatsuya - Sensei

One day, while I was in Japan, a Japanese friend of mine invited me to join their Shotokan Karate class in one of the Secondary schools in Tokyo! I did accept the invitation as I have some experience in Shotokan Karate before when I was a student in the United States. Anyway, I didn’t have my Karate uniform with me “Karate gi” so I wore a sweat pant and a white T-shirt instead!!  

I went there and it was really a great experience to practice Karate in a Japanese dojo in Tokyo with a famous Japanese Shotokan Karate Sensei (Naka Tatsuya – Sensei). Naka Sensei also appeared in one of the Japanese martial art movies “Kuro Obi” as “Taikan”. Entering the Secondary school was like a dream came true as well! The interior looked exactly like what we see in anime/manga! HAHAHAHAHA~!! AlhamduliAllah, it was really よかった。

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