Ohayocon – おはようーコン – أوهايوكون

Ohayocon is a convention focusing on Japanese pop culture, including popular anime and manga fandom. It is traditionally held during the month of January in Columbus, Ohio. Ohayocon was first held in 2001 in Cleveland, Ohio, moving to Columbus in 2003. Ohayocon derives its name from the similarity in pronunciation between “Ohio”, where the con is held, and Ohayo (おはよう, Ohayou), which is Japanese for “Good morning”. With its continued growth, Ohayocon has become the largest winter anime convention in North America.” (Wikipedia, 2011).

I know this is an outdated post, but I’m still interested in blogging this new experience of mine! Back in January 28-30 this year, I FINALLY had the chance to attend a true and real Anime Convention. It was held at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. When I’ve first registered for this convention, I didn’t expect a lot but to be honest, the convention exceeded my expectations! The panels were running all day long, many different things to do there. It’s not only Anime, besides Anime (recent & old school Anime), there were video games panels, Manga panels, Voice actors/actresses panels, board games panels, cosplay contests, Japanese movies panels, etc.! I was spinning around like a crazy trying not to miss any of the good panels. The place was well-organized, comfortable and the facilities were just perfect. Attendees were so much fun so going alone wasn’t an issue at all. I’ve created an album of the cosplayers that I liked the most. I didn’t cosplay though but it was really fun looking around at the professional cosplayers there. The bazaar was just a place to burn money, I was lucky enough to find the original Blue Seed complete dvds boxset. I guess no one there, especially from the younger generation, knew how precious this boxset is!

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