Mount Bizan – 眉山 – جبل بيزان

Mount Bizan (眉山, Bizan) is a mountain in Tokushima. Its name is formed of the kanji for eyebrow, and it is said to have earned this name because the mountain looks like an eyebrow from all views. Known as a symbol of Tokushima City, the name Mount Bizan appears in many school songs in the city district, such as the Tokushima Prefectural Jonan High School, Tokushima Municipal High School and many more. Furthermore, in 2007 Mount Bizan became widely known as the setting for a national movie of the same name, based on a book by Sada Masashi.”(Wikipedia, accessed July 9, ’10).

Althought I’ve never been to this mountain, in Japan I’ve only been to Mt. Fuji which I didn’t post/talk about in my blog as it’s VERY famous and I don’t have to re-define/discuss a common and a “VERY BEAUTIFUL&STUNNING” thing again… Anyway, back to Mt. Bizan, when I’ve first knew/read/watched/heard about it was on NHK. I was like “Oh no anoher Mountain to visit wow, I’ll add it to my must see list”, I really liked the flat peak , the “eyebrow”!

Before, I thought the most interesting attractions in Japan are most probably only in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama and Nagoya, that’s it.  However, by time and the more I read about Japan I’ve found that attractions/beauty are scattered all along Japan islands not only in Honshu!, btw mt.bizan is in Shikoku… I wonder how would it feel to sail on a boat next to this mountain being surrounded by nature and silence~?!

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  1. Pisces Chick
    Jul 19, 2010 @ 14:07:47

    “The more I read about Japan I’ve found that attractions/beauty are scattered all along Japan islands”

    I second that.


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