Japanese Spring Festival – 春祭り日本 – المهرجان الياباني للربيع

I’ve waited for this event since two weeks! I’ve marked my calendar since then just to make sure not to miss it. What’s so special about it?! It’s not even in Japan, it’s in Ohio, so why I was SO EXCITED about it?!! hmm, lemme see how can I put this in words… Since I’ve arrived here in Ohio for college, I’ve started searching for Japanese stores and whatever, but yet wasn’t very pleased or satisfied with this limit. I’ve always wanted to participate and engage in Japanese events and activities besides socializing with those who are interested/studying in Japan/Japanese language! It was more like  an exploration for me rather than just a regular participation…  

The festival first started around 10:30am with around 3 of tea ceremony sessions. I was lucky to participate and experience for the first time the original tea ceremony being demonstrated by Japanese ladies in gorgeous kimonos! Liked the tatami mats and the overall decoration of the room. Then, the Sakura Koto Group and the Okinawa Sanshin Group performed two different plays on traditional Japanese instruments and that was very beautiful too. Later, the Aikido Yoshokai performed a demonstration of their techniques after a brief intorduction of the origin and history behind the art of Aikido. At the end, a couple of Japanese/American bands of students performed some of the popular Japanese rock and pop songs, I personally liked the City Hunter song “Get Wild” which I’ve already posted on my blog in one of my earlier posts, hehehe!!!!!

There I’ve got the chance to meet and talk with nice people where everyone has his/her own background and reason(s) for being interested in such an event; simply, that was a great festival. Thank you JSO!

P.S.:  The obento was very oishikatta desu!

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