PC-FX الحاسب الآلي – أف أكس


        PC-FX  is a video game console from NEC that was released in Japan in ’94 with a 32-bit CPU. It plays CD-ROMs, it comes with a keypad and a mouse, there is a memory expansion too! I’ve first knew about it in ’94 from Japanese videogame magazines and I was attracted mostly by its anime-style video games. No 3D  games were developed for PC-FX though ‘cos they have just rushed into releasing it early as 3DO was already in market. It was only sold in Japan and almost no one knew about it ‘cos it was knocked out by 3DO and Playstation1 besides most of its games are based on Japanese dialogues. When I was in Japan in ’03 I’ve found it in Akihabara “electric town” but its games are very hard to find so I didn’t get it, now I’m reconsidering buying it again! Oh by the way, there are around 3 or 4 PC emulators for it! but still I wanna get the console it self, I like electronish-antiques!

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  1. Pisces Chick
    Feb 24, 2010 @ 11:38:16

    Since you mentioned that “no 3D games were developed for PC-FX” .. Then I bet I’m gonna like it 😛

    Post something about MSX Games 😀
    I miss computer “sakhar”


  2. Fiendish s
    Feb 24, 2010 @ 13:12:40

    Let me know when you buy it I wonna try it lo0ol only 62 games developed for the PC-FX and no famous developer such as capcom or konami involved on it to bad!


    • peevishguy
      Mar 01, 2010 @ 19:42:24

      I guess games would be very expensive by now, I should make a visit to Akihabara soon inshallah to hunt for PC-FX!


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