Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

“A Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) is a hybrid vehicle that combines a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system with an electric propulsion system. The presence of the electric powertrain is intended to achieve better fuel economy than a conventional vehicle. A hybrid electric vehicle is also a form of electric vehicle; a variety of types of HEV exist, and the degree to which they function as EVs varies as well. The most common form of HEV is the hybrid electric car, an automated driven by a gsoline internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric motors power by batteries.”

Well, HEV is kinda an old concept, it was successfully introduced in the 1990’s when Honda introduced Insight and Toyota introduced Prius. Now researches and vehicles manufacturers are seriously working on manufacturing a gas-free vehicle that only consumes electricity. In fact, they’ve already manufactured some, such as Nissan Pivo, but there’s a dilemma with the battery consumption which takes ages to charge and few hours to discharge!! Their efforts in manufacturing environmental friendly vehicles is highly appreciated and required, we’ll be waiting!

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