Odaiba – お台場 – أودايبا

Odaiba is a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Japan, across the Rainbow Bridge from central Tokyo. It was initially built for defensive purposes in the 1850’s, dramatically expanded during the late 20th century as a seaport district, and has developed since the 1990’s as a major commercial, residential and leisure area.  

Two Shuto Expressway lines access Odaiba: Route 11 enters from central Tokyo crossing the Rainbow Bridge, while the Wangan route enters from Shinagawa Ward through the Tokyo Port Tunnel and from the bayfront areas of Tokyo and Chiba perfecture to the east.”

I’ve been to Odaiba once and I really liked it from the first visit. The scenery there was amazing especially at night. I had the chance to ride on the Rainbow Bridge by car, I wasn’t driving but at least I was on the front seat hehehe!! Insha’Allah next time I’ll visit Odaiba riding the  automated Yurikamome transit system from Shimbashi or Toyosu!

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